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CES Innovation Awards 2019 Honoree

Even before its global launch date, Cyberfishing and its Smart Rod Sensor has been recognized by the world’s leading judges of new technology. The Cyberfishing Smart Rod Sensor is among the select few launches shortlisted as an Honoree in the Innovation Awards at the prestigious CES show in Las Vegas, the annual showcase for new consumer technologies. The world is embracing a technical revolution – be at the forefront in angling with Cyberfishing.

Make your fishing rod smarter with Cyberfishing

Cyberfishing brings fishing rods into the modern age. A world where every cast is counted and saved; where all your catches are recorded with a single touch; and where you can build an online map of your fishing hotspots.

With the Cyberfishing Smart Rod Sensor attached to your rod you get all the information you need to make every trip better. Be prepared. Fishing will never be the same again. It’s as simple as Attach, Catch and Match.


    It is so easy to attach the Sensor to a rod blank with the two hardwearing rubber bands. Its minimal weight means it will not interfere with the performance of the rod.


    Simply enjoy your day’s fishing and let the Smart Rod Sensor instinctively do the work of recording all your fishing activity. When you catch your trophy, save the location with a single click.


    The Cyberfishing App plots the locations of all your casts and catches. You will know exactly where to return next time – your hotspots have been successfully matched.

Cyberfishing captures your data as you fish

By combining the lightweight Smart Rod Sensor and the Cyberfishing smartphone app, you can now record all the data from your fishing trips and find big fish more often. And once you are part of the Cyberfishing online community with uploads and images, you can share information of fishing hotspots with other anglers to make bigger catches even more likely. The ingenious Cyberfishing Smart Rod Sensor simply snaps onto your rod then records everything that happens as you fish – and it is so lightweight you won’t even notice it as you enjoy your day on the water.

The Smart Rod Sensor automatically captures data on the number of casts you make and the surrounding conditions. And when you catch a fish all it takes is a simple touch of a button and the Smart Rod Sensor saves the location instantly. That’s saved and stored no matter how long you fight the fish or however far the wind or the current takes you away from your original spot.

And when the day is done? That’s when the Cyberfishing app comes into play. The Smart Rod Sensor connects to smartphones via Bluetooth and the Cyberfishing mobile app saves the captured data for easy access and retrieval. Charge up your Smart Rod Sensor, attach it to your rod, then get casting and catching – safe in the knowledge that it’s doing the hard recording for you and you will soon have invaluable records to review and share.

The Cyberfishing app – your fishing history mapped

The Cyberfishing app records all the details of every fishing trip you make with your Smart Rod Sensor, giving your invaluable data for plotting your next trips.


    Cyberfishing knows where you have been, and exactly what happened out on the water. In time, you will build up a complete map of your fishing hotspots.


    Touch the button on your Smart Rod Sensor whenever you catch a fish and you will capture all the details, saving the moment for ever.


    That’s the weight and species plus the time and date of your greatest catches.


    Add your personal details to customize your Cyberfishing pages. Plus upload photos so they are stored next to the all important hotspot data.


Be among the first anglers in the world to own the ultimate smart rod sensor.

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Package includes:
  • 1 x Smart Rod Sensor
  • 1 x charging cable
  • 1 x attachment set
  • details to download the Cyberfishing app